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Talking about running, learning and generally living at a mature age


At nearly 57 years old, I started running last year in August. Not having done too well with the C2K, I tried N2R which has the best Facebook support group I have ever encountered. The decision to try N2R was the best thing I have ever done!


I am in the process of applying for a PhD and waiting for the response to my applications. I have graduated with a BA (Honors) in Business from the Open University, and a MRes from Leicester University and now want to continue my educational journey.

Living & Working

Unlike the previous generation, today’s women in their 50s’ still work so this has to be combined with all the other things life throws at us. I currently work at a a large utility company but do not see myself staying there for long – the culture within the department I work in is not very supportive and some of the men downright sexist

“The unhappiness of many women would be eliminated if their men provided them with the same nurturance they offer them …”

Marilyn French, 1978

This quote is so true and reflects the reality of so many women.