More thoughts about the PhD

Leicester University’s Futurelearn course “Writing your Research proposal” has started and it is really useful. Having to articulate why I would want to do this and spend so much effort, time and money on something which will be highly unlikely to yield any tangible return was a good exercise. It is interesting to read that there a quite a few people who are also considering this for personal and not professional reasons and their interests are very diverse.

One of the questions asked was:

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? In ten years?

Well this is exactly the point of my proposed PhD research! 🙂 As in woman aged 50+ where will I be in 5 or 10 years’ time? Still working part or full time, semi- or fully retired (unlikely in my case)? That is the question and I do not have the answer but I know that I am unlikely to stop learning. Ever since my undergrad at the Open University I have continued to learn. First the Master’s, then the law certificate, all the Salesforce professional certifications. I think, to be honest and not modest for a moment, I am probably one of the more educated people in my environment.

My biggest problem at the moment is to get a grip on the current research that has already been done. I have done some initial investigation and filtering what is important and relevant is such a huge task; I read so much and get so lost….I feel as if I am trying to climb a mountain that gets bigger and bigger with every step.

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