And round and round we go…

While running this morning I have been thinking again about the PhD….(yes, making a definite decision is not my strong point…). One really good reason for doing the PhD now is that government funding for PhD research is only available until the applicant for the grant reaches 60 – so this gives me another two years! Meaning if I don’t do it now, that boat has sailed.

In regards to progress on my proposal, I am still doing the Futurelearn course, which means I have not abandonend the idea yet completely.

Another factor is that my literature research, while very limited, has shown that there is quite a substantial body of knowledge regarding the decision to retire and factors which influence this decision. While the research is mostly cross both genders, there is some on women specifically. Then there is also research on well being and retirement and the impact of caring responsibilities on the retirement decision by women.
My research would focus more on social identity and career models thus if would basically take a theoretical approach (identity theory) and apply it in a new way, as I have not seen this done in the context of older women in any of the papers I have reviewed (which probably does not mean much as there might be thousands of articles out there that I am not aware off…)

I am really struggling at the moment to identify the impact (usefulness) of my proposed research. I mean, it is all very well knowing more about it but unless it informs some practice, what would be the point?

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