Understanding the GDPR and other things

Still ploughing through my Futurelearn courses, today I finished the ‘Understanding the GDPR’ course, which is good as it was becoming a bit tedious. I know I need to understand these things for my job and it is good to be aware of the legal requirements while implementing new systems. I will be interested to see how this is handled in my new job which is just one week away from today.

I was so delighted (and relieved) to receive a positive answer from the research tutor at Wolverhampton! It was better than I had hoped for as he wrote: “It [the research statement] demonstrates an excellent understanding of the subject area, relevant theoretical frameworks and potential methods”. Wow, I would not have expected that. Now I need to see what happens next. Will I get a request to provide a proper application or will they allocate someone to work with me in order to write a full research proposal for the full application? I don’t expect that what I sent in will be sufficient for that.

I think this surprise about the response comes back to my lack of believe in myself and what I can do. I don’t exptect people to approve of me or praise my work, all I expect is criticism really… I sometimes wonder if my parents know how much damage they did to me with the way I was raised. It also explains my behaviour during my adolescence and early adult life and all the self-damaging things I did.

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