An unmotivated 4 miles

Still struggling with motivation when it comes to running so went out today and just did 4 minute run/3 min walk intervals for about an hour. When you just plod along it is not so bad after all.

Still waiting to hear back from uni about the research statement. Thinking about it made me realise that I have to define what is meant by precarious employment so had a look at that in Google Scholar. There I found the reference to an interesting book Precarious Lives : Job Insecurity and Well-Being in Rich Democracies by Arne L. Kalleberg. Now the problem with non-fiction books is that they are usually not cheap, often one only needs a fraction of the content and they take a long time to read – my reading speed is not great. So I decided to search for articles of Mr. Kalleberg instead and found one which is based on the book, the article of the same name as the book was published in The Economic and Social Review (Vol. 49, No. 3, Autumn 2018, pp. 241-258) for those of you who are interested. So, that is the next item to read and hopefully it will provide the information for the paragraph starting with

Next, one needs to describe ‘precarious employment’, what is it and why would this employment type make a difference to women’s identity and career attitudes?

Precarious employment is

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