The joys of starting a new job

In HR there is a certain awareness that onboarding is a very important phase of starting a new job. To be frank my onboarding experience in this new job is horrendous and that is putting it mildly. My line manager is only focused on making himself look good in senior management reporting so his take on the importance of development goals for his subordinates is “just stick anything in there, as long as it says something”. As for objectives, he has cascaded his objectives down without even discussing or explaining them. It hardly gets any more unprofessional than than.

As for the team I am a part of now, they are all white, male, grey-haired ‘engineers’. In reality they are not, they are managers with a technology background. Why they insist on this engineering label is beyond me. Why the organisation I joined claims to be interested in diversity is beyond me, sticking a few elderly men from a different ethnic background into a team of white, elderly men does not make an organisation diverse or inclusive for that matter.

In order to be effective in my new role, I need information and access to processes. Every time a question comes up, the answer is “we need to look at that”.

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