The long road to the PhD

As I might have mentioned, I have considered applying for a PhD for quite a while. Based on the Futurelean course, I wrote a research proposal during July. I sent the proposal to different potential supervisors at Warwick, Kent, the Open University. The Professor in Kent told me she was going to retire and referred me to a colleague at the University of Edinburgh.

The response was quite interesting. Warwick was very responsive, I have had an interview with the Director of Studies and the academic I had sent the proposal to and it seemed to have gone well. What is not going well is the reference that was requested from the OU, as the OU will not provide a reference requested by the system from another university but I need to fill in a form providing an email address that can receive the reference.

Kent was also responsive after an initial delay and I have an interview with them next week. The OU so far has only told me that they have referred it to the faculty. Edinburgh have asked me to apply but when I tried to do that, the webpage for applications is down….

Overall, a mixed bag with no certain outcome. Hopefully, that will change next week. If I get more than one offer, I will need to decide how to proceed.

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