Learning and How-to learn

I am reading a very interesting book “Accelerated learning unlocked” by John R. Torrence in which he suggests that a lot of incumbent wisdom on how to learn is actually not supported by evidence.

I like the alternatives that he puts forward such as learning being a holistic experience which requires the engagement of body and mind in order to embed long lasting new knowledge. This really reflects my experience of online reading which is a very passive way of reading. When you have a book, you can feel and touch it, and you open it, close it and turn the pages which involves more senses than just staring at a screen. So definitely an argument to buy or loan physical books or use print outs!

Another suggestion is not to consume but ‘create’ knowledge by making the learning relevant to us. Further, Torrence points out that we approach learning with curiosity and enthusiasm as this furthers the learning effect. As part of my preparation for my PhD (assuming that an offer that I can accept materialises!) I have started to read a book on Feminist Research Practice and it starts with descriptions of different feminist approaches to research methodologies and methods. While I am certainly enthusiastic about the topic, making this relevant to me is tricky and something that I need to think about.

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