Using NVivo for the literature review

I had not even considered this until I read about it in this brilliant book by Dr. Helen Kara “Starting Your PhD: What You Need To Know“. It is only 60 pages long and currently free on Amazon but contains a wealth of truly valuable information, one of them being that NVivo is a great tool for doing your literature review. Based on Dr. Kara’s recommendation I then watched Dr. Alan Shaw’s videos on YouTube “How to use NVivo for your Literature Review Part 1” and part 2 which clearly explain how this can be accomplished. I am totally impressed! What I am not so impressed is the price of NVivo if you want to purchase a license as a Non-Academic (remember I still do not have a PhD place)…they are asking for £675.00! That is definitely not going to happen! So, it is back to patiently waiting for my university of choice to make up their mind and do the right thing…send me an offer!

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