And now for something completely different

While still waiting for my favourite university to do the right thing, I have tried to keep busy with other things such as baking a cake as can be seen above (yes this is not a photograph from the internet but a picture taken this morning!) and reading a bit more literature. I have found an article by Emma Casey (2003: 107) in which she describes her “attempt to uncover a suitable method of sociological enquiry, which can best understand and explore the experiences of the older, working class women”. In the article Casey states that she did not want to work under the assumption that all women are oppressed, and I think that that is a valid assumption. There are several reference in this article which I will follow up on because it really resonates with me. How will the women I intend to interview react to me as a person coming from a different country and background? Will I be able to connect with them? What will I find in the data regarding the importance of gender and class to their experience? I can’t wait to get started!

Casey, E. (2003) ““How Do You Get a Ph.D. in That?!”: Using Feminist Epistemologies to Research the Lives of Working Class Women”, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 23(12).

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