Got the PhD offer!

The offer for a place at Warwick at finally arrived and I am so glad and so relieved! They attached a funny condition though: they seriously want me to provide an English language test….I am not sure if I find this funny or should feel insulted. All my academic qualifications were done in English and I have worked in an English speaking country now for 14 years. When I contacted admissions support they advised to ask my (future) department to submit an ‘English Language Institutional Assessment Request form’ – I am not sure what that does but I have done that, so will see what happens next. To be honest, if push comes to shove, I’ll go and do the test. That requirement is certainly not going to stop me.

I have also applied for a doctoral loan. The first attempt did not work as the system could not find the part-time version of the course. When I contacted admissions, they asked me to get in touch with the student finance team at Warwick and the matter was resolved in a couple of hours, that was totally awesome and so appreciated. I went back to the Student Finance England website and was able to finish and submit the application for the loan so that is sorted too.

Next on my list is to request the working time reduction from my manager at work (hence the doctoral loan to supplement my income that will be reduced when I got to a four day week). Failing that, I am still considering to resign and work on a project basis while I study. So, watch this space!

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