The ‘right’ not to like a group of people – in this case men…

While drinking my coffee this morning, I came across an article in the Guardian about Pauline Hermange and her pamphlet ‘Moi les hommes, je les deteste’ (excuse the missing accent aigu). At first I thought, yes this woman has a very good point, we should have the right not to like men. Given the fact that misogyny is not a hate crime in the UK, it seems to be ok not to like women as a group so why not. But, would it not be hypocritical to ask for misogyny to be made a hate crime as described in this article to then claim that misandry is acceptable?

I think as a society, and that applies to almost every country in the world, we need to acknowledge that most violent crimes are committed by men. School shootings, for instance, illustrate this gender gap very clearly as a statistic on US mass shooting by gender created by shows. There a plenty of hypotheses why men are more violent than women, some of them are explored in this article by

Based on this, women have very good reason to be wary of men. However, most men seem to assume that they have a right to be liked by women, probably based on the assumptions that this is a logical premise as their mother, who was obviously a woman, liked them (mostly, I apologies for all the generalisations I am making here). There are lots more theories on why men make these assumptions. Which they should not because no one is entitled to be treated favourably based on their gender, ethnicity, age or any other characteristic. But that also applies to the contrary, no one should be hated because of a personal characteristics or group membership.

So to summarise my early morning musings, I like the sentiment of Pauline’s book but I am afraid I cannot agree with the conclusion.

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