Dreams or this is my bucket list

According to the dictionary a bucket list is “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” I have been thinking about this today, so here it is:

  • have a dog, preferably a boxer that I would name Rosie
  • own a house in a warm country
  • successfully finish my PhD
  • have a stable relationship with my grand-daughters

The above list is not ordered and all these things are of varying importance. Perhaps the first one is the easiest to achieve….if we did not have a cat, if my husband would not dislike dogs and if I would not have to compromise all the time!

The second item is definitely a long term wish, and will not happen until I retire. And even then the likelihood of being able to afford a house is almost zero unless a miracle happens.

The third item is a matter of focus, hard work and a bit of luck. I am still waiting for the unconditional offer from Warwick and it is only 3 weeks until term starts, I hope they get this stupid language thing sorted! I am a bit upset about having to formally prove my English language skills, given that both my degrees are from a UK university and I have been working full-time for the last 14 years in an English speaking country.

Well, the fourth item is almost beyond my control. They live in the ROI with their mother who is not exactly my biggest fan and controls all access. My only hope is that their father, my son, keeps the relationship with them alive until they are old enough to travel and come and see him. I remember both of them being born, I drove all the way to ROI for the birth of my oldest grand-daughter and got there just in time. For the other one, she was nearly born in my car on the way to the hospital. But all this does not count now, and it makes me so sad sometimes not to be able to see them.

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