Dogs have become a commodity

After finishing my blog post yesterday, I did a bit of research on boxers, their traits how much they cost. What I found is unbelievable! Just like this article in the Guardian that tells the story of the author buying a puppy, I found that boxer puppies start at £1.500, going up to £5k. I am not sure how anyone can justify these prices, it seems that everything in this country is aimed at making money. I understand that a breeder needs to recoup the expenses they have but that does not justify that sort of money.

It seems that everything is commodified in this world, animals are traded like shoes or clothes or cars. But do we not get a dog to get a companion, someone we invest time and emotions into? What happens if you are not in a economic position to afford that sort of cost? Apparently even the joy of having a pet is linked to one’s socio-economic position in this country.

Looking at the Dog Trust, that is not an option either. First of all, most of them are closed. Second, you don’t know the dog’s history and if you have children that is a risk one cannot take. Third, when exploring that option I found that they treat you like an unwelcome petitioner and make you feel you have to justify your wish to have a dog. The rules the Dogs Trust has in place are ridiculous, if you are married you have to get a written permission from your spouse and if s/he is not available due to travel or simply not willing to go there, they won’t even entertain the idea of giving you a dog. They also inspect your property, an idea which I find simply intrusive.

So, the first item of my bucket list is a no-go. I am not willing to spend so much money, not because I do not think the dog would not be worth it, but because it goes against my beliefs about the commercialisation of our lives.

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