I hate my job!

The question is really: WHY?

First of all, I seem to have nothing in common with my team colleagues. Don’t get me wrong, they are all nice people but that is were it ends. They are middle-aged, grey-haired men in their 50s, conventional and traditional. They seem to have no passion for their job or ambition to implement change or question the status quo.

Second, I was told I would build a development team. Well, that was a sugar coated version of the truth. I am administering a bunch of people who are employed by another organisation and deliver a service to us.

Third, I was told I would ‘own’ the platform. That was another ‘interpretation’. In reality, I don’t own anything, as much as I try there are lots of other people with titles such as ‘service owner’, ‘product owner’, ‘domain architect’ and so on who all make decisions on a system they do not understand or have any expertise in.

Fourth, I feel I have no autonomy or empowerment. I cannot make decisions as I have no budget or authority over the system or the people that develop on it. My role seems to be purely reactive, handing requests and providing ‘bodies’.

Fifth, my manager has no idea about people management. He cascades meaningless objectives against which I will be assessed. He has been in that place for 25 years and is completely institutionalised and has never experienced anything else. He manages upwards and only seems interested in whatever top-level management cascades down.

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