Great women

There are not many women who have changed a country’s legislature as much as Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died last night. She must have been a remarkable woman even in her youth to even try to do what she did when she started her career. A lot of other women would have looked after their husband, who apparently was also a lawyer and settled for the life of the brilliant wife in the background.

I makes one wonder what makes the difference to a person’s behaviour and gives them the strength to go against the mainstream against all odds? It seems she had her husbands full support which is probably one factor, normally this works the other way round. This alone is remarkable and rare.

This amazing woman had an amazing career and seemed to have worked tirelessly even when sick. I wonder if it was hard always having to be strong or if she was allowed to be ‘weak’ at least in private. I wonder if she ever considered what her life would have been like if she had taken the conventional paths.

This world needs people who refuse to accept the limits society wants to impose on them. Sadly, the world lost one amazing person last night.

*Image by imagii from Pixabay

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