Dreams or this is my bucket list

According to the dictionary a bucket list is “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” I have been thinking about this today, so here it is: have a dog, preferably a boxer that I would name Rosie own a house in a warm country successfullyContinue reading “Dreams or this is my bucket list”

The ‘right’ not to like a group of people – in this case men…

While drinking my coffee this morning, I came across an article in the Guardian about Pauline Hermange and her pamphlet ‘Moi les hommes, je les deteste’ (excuse the missing accent aigu). At first I thought, yes this woman has a very good point, we should have the right not to like men. Given the factContinue reading “The ‘right’ not to like a group of people – in this case men…”

New study for a new part of my life

I claimed my own space today, space to think, to write, to read, to rest. I have spent the last 30 years accommodating everyone else. First the children, then societal expectations about marriage and what is appropriate. The children had their own rooms. I never did, I always settled for whatever was left. I hadContinue reading “New study for a new part of my life”

Got the PhD offer!

The offer for a place at Warwick at finally arrived and I am so glad and so relieved! They attached a funny condition though: they seriously want me to provide an English language test….I am not sure if I find this funny or should feel insulted. All my academic qualifications were done in English andContinue reading “Got the PhD offer!”

To work or not to work – that is (not) the question

I am getting to a point where I will make a decision based on the options given to me. What I mean is that if I get an offer from Warwick or the OU, I will request a 4 day working week from my employer. If they refuse, I will resign and try to getContinue reading “To work or not to work – that is (not) the question”

Running shoes and other tales

I went running today after nearly talking myself out of it (again). After hurting my back a few weeks ago and taking a rest of a couple of weeks I am finding it quite hard to get back into running again. I have also abandoned my Vivobarefoot running shoes as I think I need moreContinue reading “Running shoes and other tales”

And now for something completely different

While still waiting for my favourite university to do the right thing, I have tried to keep busy with other things such as baking a cake as can be seen above (yes this is not a photograph from the internet but a picture taken this morning!) and reading a bit more literature. I have foundContinue reading “And now for something completely different”

Using NVivo for the literature review

I had not even considered this until I read about it in this brilliant book by Dr. Helen Kara “Starting Your PhD: What You Need To Know“. It is only 60 pages long and currently free on Amazon but contains a wealth of truly valuable information, one of them being that NVivo is a greatContinue reading “Using NVivo for the literature review”

Learning and How-to learn

I am reading a very interesting book “Accelerated learning unlocked” by John R. Torrence in which he suggests that a lot of incumbent wisdom on how to learn is actually not supported by evidence. I like the alternatives that he puts forward such as learning being a holistic experience which requires the engagement of bodyContinue reading “Learning and How-to learn”