The long road to the PhD

As I might have mentioned, I have considered applying for a PhD for quite a while. Based on the Futurelean course, I wrote a research proposal during July. I sent the proposal to different potential supervisors at Warwick, Kent, the Open University. The Professor in Kent told me she was going to retire and referredContinue reading “The long road to the PhD”

Understanding the GDPR and other things

Still ploughing through my Futurelearn courses, today I finished the ‘Understanding the GDPR’ course, which is good as it was becoming a bit tedious. I know I need to understand these things for my job and it is good to be aware of the legal requirements while implementing new systems. I will be interested toContinue reading “Understanding the GDPR and other things”

More thoughts about the PhD

Leicester University’s Futurelearn course “Writing your Research proposal” has started and it is really useful. Having to articulate why I would want to do this and spend so much effort, time and money on something which will be highly unlikely to yield any tangible return was a good exercise. It is interesting to read thatContinue reading “More thoughts about the PhD”